Marvellous Mice Adventures: Sea Rat's Birthday

Three Little Mice are all getting ready for the celebration. Their famous auntie stays in her room, brooding over her many travels and fantastic adventures. But… Who is that annoying little creature popping up here and there and spoiling everything? Stealing goods? Breaking things? The Mice understand that the only thing to do is to start a serious investigation. But Three Little Mice don’t even suppose what they will disclose.

Game features:

The Mice family and their charming little house created by a wellknown artist Natalia Fadeeva

Simple and absorbing fairy tale-like story

The animation film was made with the real toys – all scenes are shot in real settings, no digital sets, with real light and shadow effect

Possibility of watching the elements of the stage set in detail with a spyglass

Shape, color and size recognition for younger children

BONUS! Children can play, listen to an exciting story or read it on the screen

Publisher: ND Games

Download trailer